Posted on Feb 20, 2019

Banas Concrete Service

Banas Concrete Service will be offering Ready Mix Concrete Color in May 2019. We now have the equipment to create any type of color you want. Whether you like a color from Interstar, Butterfield, Scofield, or any other brand that manufactures color we can match any color you want. We will be manufacturing the Integral Ready Mix Concrete Granular Iron Oxide pigment colors locally right at our plant in Ludlow MA. Our customers will now a wide range of different colors to choose from. They are packaged in pre-measured disintegrating bags that are processed right when your concrete is batched, so our customers don't need to worry about measuring, dust, picking up the color at a color manufacturer, or all the other headaches that are involved with color in concrete. The granular iron oxide microbeads that make up the color have many advantages. The small microbeads of pigment are free-flowing & disperse reaily upon being added to the ready mix concrete mix to develop a full tint strength. The granular color doesn't freeze & are not limited by shelf life or settlement issues. It will not dry out & can be used in mixes that cannot accept additional water & do not limit your water in your concrete. These colors are permanent, sunfast & weather-resistant & again they are packaged in premeasured bags that disintegrate in the concrete mix for easy & clean use. They pigments can be added to any concrete mix. Call or email us for a color brochure.
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